Developing Web Applications
with Spring Framework and OpenRules

Step-by-Step Instructions


This is a step-by-step account of how to develop a web application from scratch using Spring Framework and OpenRules. The Spring Framework includes the proper step-by-step instructions written by Thomas Risberg - see Spring-MVC-step-by-step.html.  In his writing, Thomas Risberg states: "I am not going to cover a lot of background information or theory in this document -- there are plenty of books available that covers this in depth. Instead we will dive right into developing the application."  We gratefully acknowledge Thomas Risberg's copyright. While we tried to follow his presentation style and configuration decisions, we made some essential changes too. We will use a similar setup of a Tomcat/Spring development environment but different sample application. First, we will use JSP with Spring to implement a web application that greets a customer based on his/her personal data and time of the day. Then, we will move business logic from Java to OpenRules. You may compare these implementations of an MVC-based web application with a pure OpenRules-based implementation available as Inside Track project "hello.openrules.forms".

Part 1 – Environment Setup and Basic Tomcat/Spring Application

Part 2 – Adding Major Spring Components

Part 3 – Adding Business Logic in Java

Part 4 – Adding Unit Tests and a Form to the Application

Part 5 – Moving Business Logic to OpenRules